“Family law is a complex labyrinth that is difficult to navigate without legal counsel.  The mother of my children, without my knowledge, relocated my children four states and 650 miles away.  Hopes of being involved in my children’s lives quickly diminished. Speaking as an unmarried father of two little boys, the system was automatically against me.  The mother’s family hired a well known, expensive lawyer, and all seemed lost.  A close friend of mine who also is an attorney suggested I contact Conrad Falkiewicz, stating, “that’s who I would want to represent me if I were in your shoes.”  It wasn’t until later that I would learn how much of an impact this recommendation and decision would make.  Conrad with his 40 years of legal wisdom brought my children back to Charleston, instilled my parental rights, and fought to ensure my children would have a father in their lives.  Against all odds, Conrad broke all preconceived barriers of what an unmarried single father can be entitled to.  What seemed impossible became reality.  Thanks to Conrad, I was given a life, a life with my two hearts. 

P.S.- I’ve met many mothers and fathers who did not have the same desired outcome as myself.  After hearing their story I refer them to Conrad.  Do yourself a favor and contact him first.  Thank you Conrad!”